Helen MackayWelcome and thank you for visiting our website today. It is really essential that the information that we provide on this website is important to you; that it is up to date; is written clearly without the use of jargon or buzz words and most important of all has some meaning to you, the reader, giving you the information you seek/ want/ need.

That is why we have taken the decision to “take time out” and ask you to tell me what you want you to see on our website. “Tell Helen” will be an ongoing feature of our website from now on. “Tell Helen” gives you the opportunity of sharing your view directly with me, about MHM services and of influencing what we do and the services we provide.

As well as this, I will, from time to time, seek your views (as I am now) about our website, our services and our plans for the future.

Today I am asking you your opinion of what we should include on our website – what do you want to see more (or less of).

  • As someone who accesses our services – what information on the website is valuable to you
  • As a carer – what information would you like to have available
  • As someone who may wish to work for us (or indeed already does) – what information would help you understand our work, our services
  • As a commissioner or as a partner – what information can we provide that informs you of our work and our aspirations.

If you have a view and you want to share it with me then please complete the form below and then click to send – this will be sent directly to me.

Best wishes,


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