Our Talking Therapy services are primary care commissioned to supply psychological well-being to people with common mental health problems in the main. These services provide a wide range of assisted support to meet personal needs.

As you may be aware there are times when most people feel stressed or unhappy, generally these bad times pass, but sometimes there are problems that do not go away and it gets harder to cope. These problems can cause you to become more stressed which may lead to anxiety or depression. We know that simply talking about your problems can really help.

Our services will help you to apply new strategies to enable you to overcome your problems, improve and increase confidence, motivation and self-esteem.

Our ‘Talking Matters’ services provide a wide range of NICE approved therapies to best suit your needs, expectations and personal situation. Our therapists are all qualified to deliver therapies to at least Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) level. Most have the qualifications and experience to offer therapies to deal with more complex problems.

You can be referred by your GP or self-refer by contacting the services below;

Service Name Location Link
North Staffordshire Wellbeing Service View Service Information
Talking Changes County Durham and Darlington View Service Information
Talking Matters Northumberland View Service Information
Warrington IAPT Service Warrington View Service Information
Wellbeing Matters – South East Staffordshire View Service Information