#OKtoSay Films – a Useful Resource for Mental Health Staff

The last few weeks have seen the release of several films created by the Heads Together campaign highlighting that it is #Oktosay. The short films feature people from all walks of life talking, often with the person that they first opened up to, about the life changing conversation that helped them cope with mental health difficulties.

Trudy O’Brien, Housing Practice Lead for MHM in Warwickshire, shares how these films have helped her to coach one young woman through her struggle with mental illness.

“The young lady I support has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. During one of our support sessions we watched the film ‘Katharine & Caroline’. It is about Katharine Welby-Roberts, a former police officer and the daughter of The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby . In the clip, Katharine talks about her feelings when she was first diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and her surprise at the diagnoses: how she was so wrapped up in her job and lost in her own head that she did not realise she was becoming unwell. Katharine now writes a blog to raise awareness of mental health and to share her own thoughts and feelings.

Although only 3 minutes long, the film had such an impact on the young lady I am supporting that it has given her the confidence to start to express her own thoughts, feelings and emotions, which she has started to do by writing song lyrics and raps. She has said that doing this has had a positive impact on her mood and she is now starting to look more positively to the future and starting to set realistic goals.

There are many short films available, talking about different mental health issues. These films could be used by mental health professionals in 1-1 support sessions or shown in groups to help start a discussion, and will definitely have positive impact for many. Well worth watching!”

You can watch the film series on HeadsTogether’s YouTube channel and website, and join in the digital conversation on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #oktosay.