News Round-Up

Welcome to our round-up of MHM news! Read on to catch up on our new staff, services and more…

New Services

Since August 2016 MHM have successfully secured six new Social Care services: Newcastle and Gateshead Employment Support, Orbit Housing Association support, a new Gloucester Helpline, a new Staffordshire Wellbeing service and Midlands and East Veterans Support.

As well as this we have secured Talk Together Bromley, as a subcontractor to and in partnership with Bromley Healthcare. In addition to this, our Warrington IAPT service have secured additional funding to expanded the service to include long term conditions and medically unexplained symptoms.


In January we welcomed Sarah Wileman, our Talking Matters Transformation and Partnership Manager, and in March Helena Hammock became our Quality and Policy Officer.

Out & About…

We welcomed Angie and Tony Russell from Positive Practice in Mental Health (PPiMH) showing them round some of our services. We were also proud to be part of their launch of the PPiMH online directory.
Michael Tait, Senior Business Advisor also attended an event at the Houses of Parliament and listened to Colin Dolan discuss Football Therapy.

mh football


Contact Details
Should you wish to discuss any of our recent news, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 0191 516 3500, or emailing us at We love to hear your opinions and feedback in relation to the services which we deliver.