MHM Demonstrates Positive Practice in Mental Health

This week MHM is thrilled to have been hosting Angie and Tony Russell from Positive Practice in Mental Health (PPiMH), showing them round some of our excellent services and helping to launch a Directory of Positive Practice in Mental Health.

PPiMH is a user-led multi agency collaborative of seventy-five organisations, including, NHS Trusts, CCGs, charities and service user groups – and MHM is proud to be one of these members! The group helps to promote and improve mental health services by identifying and disseminating evidence of positive practices, working together across organisations and sectors to facilitate shared learning, and raising the profile of mental health with politicians and policy makers.


On Thursday, Angie and Tony were taken on a tour of our North-East services by one of our Directors, Sonia McGough. In the morning, they drove up to Morpeth to visit Talking Matters Northumberland (TMN), which offers psychological treatment, support and recovery service for the people of Northumberland. The visit was led by Johnny Morton, our experienced Clinical Lead at TMN, who showed Angie and Tony how MHM deliver a range of effective therapies.

For lunch, the group visited Fairfield House in Newcastle, our residential care service which provides a safe and supportive environment where people can progress with their recovery. The PPiMH team enjoyed a buffet lunch with Service Manager Marie Patterson and some of the residents at Fairfield House, who enjoyed enjoyed sharing their experiences of positive practice in mental health care.

C550UvbWUAEoQKv (1)After lunch, they crossed the river to visit Gateshead Clubhouse, where our local Out of Hours and User Voice Services are run, to meet with more of MHM’s clients and find out about their experiences of using mental health services. MHM pride ourselves on delivering innovative services which are led by the needs of our clients, and the activities in the Gateshead Clubhouse are an excellent example of these, providing support at difficult times and helping clients to actively shape their local mental health services via the User Voice Groups.

Finally, the group headed to our Helpline to visit the team who run our Helplines Partnership Accredited mental health support and counselling helpline, TalkingMatters365. Julie Haley, Head of Social Care, and CEO Helen Mackay also joined the tour at this point to round off the day by discussing the work MHM do nationwide. It was a busy but exciting day, as the whole team relished the chance to show off their brilliant services and the impact they have made on peoples’ lives. Angie and Tony were thoroughly impressed with MHM’s work!

Friday also saw the North-East launch of PPiMH’s Positive Practice in Mental Health Directory (, an online directory of mental health services which demonstrate positive, effective ways of working with mental health, with examples from the moment of engagement with services, to discharge. This guide is particularly aimed at Commissioners to help them confidently commission quality mental health services. MHM are proud to be featured in this directory, and several MHM employees attended the launch event at the Sunderland Marriott to speak to attendees about our services and ideas for the future!

Members of the MHM team attended the launch of the PPiMH Directory in Sunderland

Members of the MHM team attended the launch of the PPiMH Directory in Sunderland