Do you have a client that needs that requires extra support? Do you have a client that could benefit from out of hours emotional support and guidance?

The Mental Health Matters Helpline may be the support they require. The MHM Helpline runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year in the Coventry and Warwickshire area. We offer a confidential service that is free and clients may self-refer by giving us a call, or using our Time Online feature. We are working with numerous partners in the Coventry & Warwickshire Area to ensure our service users are receiving the best support possible, ensuring their recovery needs are met. Please see the information below to see if the Helpline is the right support for your client.

The Telephone Helpline consists of a team of highly trained and experienced support workers who use counselling skills to provide individuals with emotional guidance and information.
They might choose to call us if:

  • They are feeling low, anxious or stressed and feel talking to another person might help them to cope
  • They may be in extreme emotional distress and feel that there is nowhere else to turn
  • They may be caring for another person and finding it difficult to cope.

Contacting the Helpline can give individuals a feeling of relief, wellbeing and peace of mind. They won’t be judged and our service is confidential unless we consider that there is a risk to the individual or others.

0800 616 171 – Free 24/7 confidential helpline