An inspiring poem about Depression from Kayleigh Brown

We were recently contacted by Kayleigh Brown who had written a poem about her struggles with depression.  Kayleigh hopes that  through sharing her experiences that the poem can help those who may be experiencing depression themselves.


I can’t say when it started or where it began,

It crept up on me, when my life was turned upside down,

I was just a child, who thought she knew it all,

Yet I couldn’t see, I was beginning to fall,

Too scared to ask for help, yet I was dying inside,

That feeling of numbness, it was easier to hide,

I began to act different some might say a cry for help,

My whole world seemed dark but I have to do this myself,

No one to depend on, I feel so alone,

I don’t know where I belong; I don’t want to go home,

I had dealt with more than I could handle by eighteen years old,

I began to go off the rails; the excitement had a hold,

Living on the edge, this was the new me,

The numbness had faded, I can finally feel,

I didn’t think about what I was doing or who I might be hurting,

I shut them all out just like a drawn curtain,

As time went on I vowed never to give in,

This won’t defeat me; I won’t let it win,

I asked for help and support I did sought,

It gave me the strength and the harder I fought,

My life began to fit back together, I no longer felt alone,

The strength had always been there, I just had to realise it on my own.

– Kayleigh Brown