Graham HiscoxGraham is a Chartered Accountant with 40 years experience in accountancy and financial management, starting in auditing, then in financial and management positions within commercial organisations and for the last 19 years as Director of Finance with Mental Health Matters.

Graham’s primary role is to ensure that the financial resources made available to the organisation, which represents public money, are used properly and efficiently for the benefit of the service users of the charity both present and future and to ensure that Mental Health Matters has a sound and stable financial platform from which to deliver its services. He also has overall responsibility for information management systems and quality and compliance systems.

To support this, Graham has developed a strong central team which ensures that we have robust systems and processes to meet MHM’s legal obligations to external bodies and our own internal governance arrangements. They provide Trustees, senior and local management with financial and other performance information and tools to support their decision making. They also provide direct support for tendering for services and partner liaison.

Graham is part of the Senior Management Team and contributes towards the strategic planning for the organisation. He sits on Joint Venture Partnership Boards and other partnership groups. He is responsible for all financial services, including banking, investments, protection of reserves and insurance arrangements.