In 1984 the Northern Schizophrenia Fellowship became its own registered charity by company limited guarantee.  Our charity was set up by a group of dedicated carers and professional from the North East England who had identified a massive gap in the provision of services for people with schizophrenia and enduring mental illness.  From a small office in Newcastle the charity ran a number small of housing/day/drop in services – also ran over 20 carer/users self-help groups.  Our original Management Committee was chaired and governed, in the main, by carers/family representatives from across the region.

Over the past 30 years, Mental Health Matters (formerly Northern Schizophrenia Fellowship [NSF]) has been delivering high quality, responsive services for people experiencing mental health needs. For the first 27 years, we have been incredibly successful in creating and maximising opportunities for people accessing our social care services (helpline, housing, employment, day services) and have been instrumental in leading some highly innovative thinking, services and practice. In the latter years the charity began delivering primary care services through IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Services) and are now delivering IAPT services in 7 areas throughout England.

Recently, the Board of Trustees, Chief Executive and Management Team have identified the growing numbers of people living in our communities who need the services Mental Health Matters provides. A significant number of these people live their lives not only with mental health needs but also with a range of other needs (sometimes complex) that are intrinsically linked with their mental health and well being. We are committed to ensuring that wherever possible Mental Health Matters create services that enable these individuals to access our services and the support we can provide that is essential for them to maximise their independence and opportunities to live or for living in the community.

always keeping the needs of the service user, their carers and families at the very heart of everything that we do

The Charity’s objects are, for the benefit of the public, to promote the well-being of persons who are experiencing mental or physical health problems or illnesses, however those problems or illnesses have arisen, and their families and carers, both in the UK and overseas](“the Objects”).

Our commitment remains to be a driving force and leader in the provision of innovative services that enable evidence base recovery for people with mental health and complex needs in our society.  Our intention in everything we do is to maximise the independence tailored to the individual.

And to that end our Articles of Association reflect the diverse need of the populate we serve, always keeping the needs of the service user, their carers and families at the very heart of everything that we do.

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