MHM was established 32 years ago by families and carers in the North East, to provide support and care for people they loved with mental health problems.

Today, we have grown into a major national organisation supporting 15,500 people per month with mental health needs, learning disabilities and other conditions across the UK, through a range of evidence based and innovative services.

Our fully trained, dedicated, experienced and caring staff work with partner organisations to deliver comprehensive services to meet a full range of personal needs in a seamless manner to help vulnerable people to develop, ‘recover’ and move on to independent living whenever possible.

We provide support to thousands of people every year, covering many aspects of their lives: from psychological and well-being therapeutic recovery interventions through to everyday employment, housing, independent and community support needs. We aim to enable each individual to recover and / or move towards their own independence and well-being.

MHM also seeks to strengthen the voice, rights and independence of our users, their carers and their friends and families and to challenge the stigmas and negative attitudes that are still associated with mental health, learning disability and addiction.